Crónicas Matinais

[ quinta-feira, fevereiro 05, 2004 ]


Um poema de Paula Meehan seguido de um poema de Ciaran Carson

Would you Jump into My Grave as Quick?

Would you jump into my grave as quick?
my granny would ask when one of us took
her chair by the fire. You woman,
done up to the nines, red lips as a come on,
your breath reeking of drink
and your black eye on my man tonight
in a Dublin bar, think
first of the steep drop, the six dark feet.

Tib's Eve

There is a green hill far away, without a city wall,
Where cows have longer horns than any that we know;
Where daylight hours behold a moon of indigo,
And fairy cobblers operate without an awl.

There, ghostly galleons plough the shady Woods of True,
And schools of fishes fly among the spars and shrouds;
Rivers run uphill to spill into the starry clouds,
And beds of strawberries grow in the ocean blue.

This is the land of the green rose and the lion lily,
Ruled by Zeno?s eternal tortoises and hares,
Where everything is metaphor and simile:

Somnambulists, we stumble through this paradise
From time to time, like words repeated in our prayers,
Or storytellers who convince themselves that truths are lies.


Ana [2/05/2004 05:27:00 da tarde]