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[ sexta-feira, maio 13, 2005 ]


O post Peripatético

Eu sei que , esta época, tenho falado pouco de futebol. Isto já se sabe, a bola é redonda ...
No entanto ,amanhã - no que pode ser o dia D - acredito que me vou rir muito.
E cá vos deixo o poema da bola, pá!

The Dragon-Fly

Life (priest and poet say) is but a dream;
I wish no happier one than to be laid
Beneath a cool syringa's scented shade,
Or wavy willow, by the running stream,
Brimful of moral, where the dragon-fly,
Wanders as careless and content as I.

Thanks for this fancy, insect king,
Of purple crest and filmy wing,
Who with indifference givest up
The water-lily's golden cup,
To come again and overlook
What I am writing in my book.
Believe me, most who read the line
Will read with hornier eyes than thine;
And yet their souls shall live for ever,
And thine drop dead into the river!
God pardon them, O insect king,
Who fancy so unjust a thing!

[Walter Savage Landor]

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